Upcoming Events

The National Ballet of Kosovo

AAEA is thrilled to invite you to an extraordinary evening of culture and elegance. Join us for a captivating performance by the National Ballet of Kosovo!

Event Details:

  • Date: Thursday, June 6th, 2024
  • Location: Manhattanville University - Little Theatre in Brownson Hall
  • Address: 2900 Purchase Street, Purchase NY 10577


  • 7:00 PM: Doors Open
  • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM: Performance & Q&A

Suggested Donation:

  • $20 for adults
  • $10 for children 12 years old and under

This is a unique opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of Kosovo through the mesmerizing art of ballet. The evening will conclude with a Q&A session, providing an intimate glimpse into the world of the performers and their artistry.

How to Attend:

  1. RSVP and Donate Here - Secure your spot by confirming your attendance.

Don't miss out on this enchanting evening. We look forward to seeing you there and sharing this unforgettable experience together.

Past Events

The Making of a Historical Documentary: A Retrospective of Gjergj Kastrioti A.K.A. Skanderbeg The Warrior King Documentary Lecture & Art Exhibit

AAEA was proud to sponsor an enlightening event that dug into the creation of a documentary focused on the legendary warrior king, Skanderbeg. Audience experienced the captivating journey behind the scenes with artist and historian Nua Gjon Gjelaj, as he brought to life the legacy of this historical figure. The event not only featured an insightful lecture but also showcased a curated art exhibit inspired by Skanderbeg's epic tale.

Stress Management & Wellbeing for Teachers & Educators

Educators joined us for a specialized workshop tailored to address the unique challenges they face. On Thursday, November 16th, they dived into effective stress management techniques and holistic wellbeing practices with experts Jackie Rukaj, ED.S., PSY.D, and Marilyn Rukaj, LHMC. Participants equipped themselves with tools and strategies to enhance resilience, maintain a healthy mindset, and thrive in their teaching environment. It was an invaluable session for all educators seeking balance and rejuvenation. Registration is now closed.

A Taste of Albania: Cooking Demonstration & Taste Class

On November 15, 2023, AAEA had the joy of hosting our annual Albanian cuisine showcase, "A Taste of Albania", where the essence of Albanian culinary traditions came to life! The event was graced by the talented Chef Edi Dedi, who led a mesmerizing live cooking demonstration. His expertise brought to the table a stunning 4-course meal, which was both a feast for the eyes and a delight for the palate.

The evening was more than just about food; it was a vibrant social event with over 20 guests engaging, networking, and reveling in the joy of shared experiences. The atmosphere was electric, filled with laughter and stories, as guests indulged in delicious Albanian dishes, each course accompanied by a hand-selected wine. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who joined us, making this event a memorable one. Your enthusiasm and participation in celebrating the rich flavors of Albania while embracing healthy culinary habits made the night truly special. Missed out? Don’t worry! We are already excited about next year's event and hope to see you there. Keep following us for more updates and get ready to dive into another extraordinary culinary adventure!

Your Voice is Your Power: Government, Politics, & You

On Wednesday, we were thrilled to have Emiljana Ulaj, the Regional Political Organizer with the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), as our keynote speaker. Emily shone light on pivotal topics, such as influencing education policy, navigating the process of proposing new laws, and understanding various governmental facets. Participants harnessed the power of their voices and learned how they could make a tangible difference in the political landscape.

How Stress and Trauma Impacts the Body

On Tuesday, October 17, 2023, AAEA hosted a workshop that explored the profound effects of stress and trauma on the body.


  • Dr. Jackie Rukaj, ED.S, PSY.D: An expert psychologist with a wealth of knowledge on trauma's physical and mental ramifications.
  • Marilyn Rukaj, LHMC: A certified mental health counselor with years of experience helping individuals navigate the challenges of stress and trauma.

This workshop offered a comprehensive look into the science and psychology behind stress and trauma, bringing invaluable insights for professionals, students, and anyone interested in understanding the complex interplay between the mind and body.

Albanian Cuisine Cooking Demonstration & Taste Class

On Tuesday, November 29th, we hosted our first Albanian cuisine cooking demonstration & taste class. Attendees were joined by professional chefs, Ingrit Kola and Edi Dedi. Our session provided a great way to foster healthy food and culinary habits with socializing and having fun. Read More...

The History of Albania Through the Centuries - November 2022

On November 10th, AAEA hosted a lecture titled "The History of Albania Through the Centuries: From Antiquity to the Present". Attendees were joined by Historian, Azeta Kola, Ph.D., and engaged in a powerful discussion regarding the rich history of Albania over the years. Read More...

Mental Health Symposium - October 2022

On October 25th, AAEA hosted a symposium titled "It's Time We Talked: Mental Health Basics". The program's moderators Jacklyn Rukaj, ED.S, PSY.D and Marilyn Ferrer, LHMC, discussed topics on expanding mental health awareness and shared tips for coping with and addressing mental health. Read More..